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About the company


LCS Loss Control Service sp. z o.o. is a leading Polish external loss adjustment company, which has been established in 2005. We are among the three largest and most experienced companies of the industry. We cooperate virtually with all active Insurance Companies in Poland. Our team includes 40 people in the Headquarters in Warsaw and other individuals, who work in large cities of Poland.

We assumed two criteria, which in our opinion are fundamental for determining high quality of our work.

  • operating efficiency understood as an ability to act fast, obey deadlines, secure efficient information flow both inside the company as well as in customer service
  • substantive correctness understood as appropriate qualifications and knowledge necessary to analyse a given case and knowledge about loss adjustment issues that allows comprehensive claim settlement, which match the requirements of an Insurance Company being the ultimate recipient of our work.

We think that the above elements describe quality of loss adjustment most precisely, and shortage of one of them makes the second incapable of compensating it. On the other hand, if we take care of these two fundamental criteria, we are certain our work will be done in the best possible way.

We believe that maintaining an adequate level of the above quality criteria is possible by basing claim settlement processes on own structures, beginning from an inspection through calculation of costs, expert opinions and the final report (that includes references to supposed liability for damages). It is also important to create teams of people, who are familiar with the type of a claim and connected proceedings.


  • unification of claim settlement standards for all claims irrespective of a region or type of risk
  • providing online access to all information connected with a claim through a real-time internet platform
  • access to modern technological solutions, which ensure realization of an individual claim in the shortest time possible - two hours irrespective of location in particular cases.
  • a network of own experts on the area of the whole country
  • a possibility to take advantage of a strong team of professionals, who work exclusively for LCS, undergo periodical training courses at LCS and improve their qualifications all the time
  • a separate team for internal inspection and continuous tests of customer satisfaction
  • constant anti-fraud in claim settlement
  • lowest costs of services in relation to their quality and scope


Our offer includes virtually all types of claims:

  • basic material claims based on FLEX and AR as well as BI insurance, in corporate, small-business and individual insurances;
  • claims of construction industry such as CAR, EAR as well as ALoP;
  • Contractor’s Plant Machinery;
  • claims of technical characteristics such as MB as well as MLoP;
  • claims of civil liability including third party liability of a product - we consider personal, material and financial claims;
  • comprehensive motor insurance;
  • motor collision insurance;
  • CARGO, third party liability motor insurance for inland and international carriers.